Islander Federation

Islander Union or Federation

My dear islanders worldwide, please unite, first your self and then each other.

I view rhe earthen state of Israel as the island of the Jews surrounded by worldpower seeking enemies.

And probably Israel will be one of the last “islands” conquered by the then remaining ten plus one world powers.

I expect all other island in the coming next world war becoming rolled up by the worldpowers one by one before the state of Israel.

So my dear islanders, we must not love our jewish neighbours, but we should respect them at least for helping us unite!

Like the Catholics and the Reformers or Protestants and all the other 9 tribes they each have almost 12000 holies in Jesu’ heavenly bride and government “New Heavenly Israel” too!

We cannot unite against our gods, against Jesus or our holies. Please understand this finally!

Yes, my dears, please pardon me for farting for Worldwide Israel! We too can become part of it, but not as cowards and murderers!

We all can be descendants of Israel, either genetically or spiritually by having some of them as our models for living!

There are a couple of divided islands more:

  • Guinea (not to confuse with Guineys)
  • Borneo (Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei)
  • Timor
  • Fireland (Chile and Argentina?)
  • Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic not to confuse with the DR?)
  • ?

They all could be united for the sake of their majorities and enjoy some great years of union, peace, freedom and harmony before being conquered one by one by the then remaining last world powers.

And some island federations like

  • Indonesia
  • Phillippines
  • Japan
  • ?

could have an own state for each of their many bigger and smaller island. Then we all could resist much more effectively aigainst our future emperors, forcing them island hopping like the Americans in the Pacific 1945 against the Japanese, but today we could do it much better than the Japanese once. Many of us could die in dignity opponing our true biggest enemies on the battlefields and defending our beloved islands.

See the Battle if Iwo Jima and many others:

We would defend our islands the best possible way against the future American Imperialists and all other world powers.

Together we could stand and resist as the last blockfree states or the last CIS Community of Independent States, Michael Gorbachev was dreaming of and talking about. He was soon losing against the imperial and unionist Russians.

Please do no longer try to unite with any world power, neither Europe, Britannia, America and what ever. Their union will only be good for the minority advantaging their nations and governments only.

You can trust me, even supporting the Deutschland Reunion of 1990 i did not advantage of it. And i would only benefit from the EU by paying for their mistakes and even crimes at the end!

Every soul and community should chose and find its proper Titan State or Titanic before the downfall of all earthen powers.

Please remember that only a minority survived the Titanic 1912. I hope that as many as possoble can survive in the wildernesses and mountains. And most others could hope for a second chance by being reawakened from the dead into Paradise Regained!

So please let us do our best, that most of us can find their best suiting communities and niches to be rescued into paradise even after the first death!

And we should establish some refuge cities for all those who are no longer able or willing to support our states, so that they too can rescue as much as possiple and live and die in some dignity!

Learn from Jesus and his followers:

  • Silence is better than talking. (Salomo)
  • Giving is better than taking. (Jesus)
  • Defence is better than offence. (Clausewitz?)

If you do not want to be the first to downfall or downfall as cowards.

European islands are Switzerland, Norderney and Helgoland?!