The 144000+ Holies

The 144000+ Holies

19 tribes times 12000 = 228000

19 tribes times 13000 (13 prime) = 247000

19 tribes times 19000 = 361000

The 144000 Holies of Apostle John’s Revelated New Heavenly Israel

Obviusly John’s revelation was sealed by Jehovah precautiously, so that John did not or could not reveal all the truth.

12 tribes times 12000


Humans mentioned in the holy scriptures.

Catholics celebrate their holies.

The Jews and their Israel state honour their “Righteous among the Nations” deutsch “Gerechte unter den Völkern” in their Jerusalem memorial Yad Vashem.

Project Stolpersteine.

All states honour many celebrities every year by medals and orders like:

  • Bundes Verdienst Kreuz
  • Legion d’honneur
  • Orders of Knighthood

All communities and cities have their citizens of honour and godfathers and mothers of streets, squares, places, memorials, institutions and buildings.

Every soul has his own idols and candidates.

Our chronicles and news are full of famous souls.

National, cultural and inter state contests, awards and prices like:

  • Olympia
  • Nobel price
  • Beauty awards
  • Forbes List
  • European Song Contest
  • Film, Theatre and Music Festivals

But let us be cautious: Honour and fame are no guarantee for being chosen into the new heavenly Israel nation of kings, judges and priests.

Many of those honoured by humans are not honorables of our heavens and many honorables of heavens are not honoured by humans, may be not even known or recognised.

See John Baptiser.

Many of them could have been honoured by their neighbours and Antijehovah because they knew or even were responsible for the death of one or the other holy.

The Prime Ministers


Gentile Candidates

The Jacksons

The Jacksons

The Tribes of Israel

Wir alle sind Israel


Erster Brief an Jakob

An Joel Berger

An das Volk der Juden

Jude sein


Israelisches Blut

Jakobs Siegel

The Apostles

The Apostles

<a href=””>Apostel</a&gt;

Evangelists and Early or Original Christians

Most of the souls mentioned in the Christian Bible

Catholics and Church Fathers

Many but probably not all of the Roman Catholic Saints, maybe many of them are still not yet acknowledged or even unknown







Muslim Candidates

The Seals of the Prophets

Mohammed as (One or Last) Seal of the Prophets.

Seven Seals broken by the lamb Jesus.

New Prophets

Out of all four main religions?!