07 + 09 Our Parents Uranus and Gea

Our Parents Uranus and Gea, Physical Creation

greek cosmos?

greek physis?

latin nature?

arabic alchemy?

latin universe?


Urbi et Orbi

Die große stadt Nieder Zsion und das Welten Rund

Mother Earth

Father Uranus

celestial tent?

Uranus, Cosmic or Physis Chronicle

big bang?

Cosmology Models

constant universe

growing universe

collapsing universe

pulsating universe

dying universe

eternal universe

parallel universes

real or virtual universe

Stephen Hawking

The Sun

as Centre of

  • Light
  • Heat
  • Energy
  • and Uranus?

Earth as Centre of Life

Solar versus Geo Centrism

The long during dispute between geocentrism and solarcentrism could come to an end, if we both grant partly right.



Nikolaus Kopernikus

Johannes Kepler

Galileo Galilei