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Bride Search, Family Foundation and Heritage

Jehovah, Spirit and Mater Zion Michael and Mother Earth The Angels and Antijehovah Adam and Eve Brothers and Sisters, Cain, Abel Noah Sem Ham Japhet Canaan Patriarchs Matriarchs Prostitutes Amazons Babylonia, Nimrod and their Tower City Egypta, Pharaoh and their Pyramid Lot, his Wife, his Daughters, Ammon and Moab Abraham, Sarah and Hagar Ismael Isaac… Continue reading Bride Search, Family Foundation and Heritage

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Petition 066 Caspia

Armenia, Georgia, Baku, the Caucasus, Astrakhan and the Caspian sea are dividing the Turkish from other Turkic peoples and their origins in Central Asia. May be we could found a Caspia or Elburs state at the south coast of the Caspian sea found an Astrakhan state build a dam, a dyke or a causeway through… Continue reading Petition 066 Caspia