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An Rio Reiser “König der Ratten”

An Rio Reiser "König der Ratten"Verehrter Rio Reiser, herzliches danke für deinen König von Deutschland aus dem jahr 19??. Hier meine inter pretation und version als König der Ratten. Hoffentlich gefällt sie dir! Wenn ich König der Ratten wär .....1 Jede Nacht um halb eins Wenn genossen und fernsehen rauschen Leg ich mich auf's Bett… Continue reading An Rio Reiser “König der Ratten”

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Letter to Ernst Busch “Solidaritäts Lied”

Letter to Ernst Busch "Solidaritäts Lied" Lieber ernst, herzlichen dank für dein inspirierendes solidaritäts lied von 1931. Hier nun meine fassung von 2020. Hoffentlich gefällt sie dir ebenso gut wie mir?! 1 Vorwärts und nicht vergessen, Wer wir sind Und wohin wir wolln! Beim leben und beim sterben, Vorwärts und nie vergessen: die Solidarität! 2… Continue reading Letter to Ernst Busch “Solidaritäts Lied”

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Investigation Toilet Paper

Investigation and Inquiry Toilet Paper deutsch: Untersuchung und Anfrage Klo oder Toiletten Papier Why is there almost no toilet paper available in the shops in Deutschland or at least in Berlin? Reminder On my stay in Tel Aviv airport authority prison i decorated the wall of my arrest cell with an Israel star and my… Continue reading Investigation Toilet Paper

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Inquisition Astrid Teske

Inquisition Astrid Teske What contracts did she make in my name without asking or telling me? Every soul has the right to know his contracts, duties and memberships! Me too! Why do i not get my baggage sent to my new address in Berlin, what she promised me weeks ago? I need my documents, clothes,… Continue reading Inquisition Astrid Teske

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Inquisition Siegfried Schweitzer

Inquisition Siegfried Schweitzer What contracts did he make in my name without asking or telling me? Every soul has the right to know his contracts, duties and memberships! Me too! Did he commit or witness crimes against humanity? Did and does he disadvantage me to protect him self or others from justice? Deutscher Zusatz am… Continue reading Inquisition Siegfried Schweitzer

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Inquisition Loretto Klinik 2018

Inquisition Loretto Klinik 2018 What did i really undersign at my second hand operation in Tübingen Loretto Klinik 2018 in the changing cubicle with bad light without glasses and without time, so i could not read the full text? When i tried to get a copy of this document later, nobody seemed to know it.… Continue reading Inquisition Loretto Klinik 2018

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Zsion Decree Z027 Urteil

Zsion Decree Z027 Urteil Im Namen der 14 Stämme Israels und der Völker Zsions gemäß Psalm 87 inclusive Babylonier und Ägypter! Judgement and sentence against authority abusers in the name of the 14 tribes of Israel and the peoples of Zsion procrastinated on Monday 13 April 2020 because of new witnesses and in favour of… Continue reading Zsion Decree Z027 Urteil

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Remember Our Christ’s Family Last Supper

Remember Our Christ's Family Last Supper 1987 Years ago If you have time and leasure, you should commit this yearly memorial supper of pleasure with your family with a good meal and some wine. In the times of Jesus the calendar days counted from sunset to sunset, so this holy thursday evening would have been… Continue reading Remember Our Christ’s Family Last Supper