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Devil and Satan

Devil = Lyer

Satan = Resistor

First slayer

Enmity between his and her Seed

Enmity between Antijehovah’s seed and the Kingdom Zsion Seed.

War between Heavens and Earth

1914 at the birth of the heavenly nation New Israel, the first act of this government was throwing Antijehovah and all his demons out of heavens and banning them down to earth, where they try to take control of us humans.

Tribulation and Persecution of Believers

The human chronicle as history of mutual tribulation and persecution. Every tribe and state has persecuted the others more or less severe. There have been many waves of envy, hatred and enmity between the states and tribes.

12 x 12 or even 14 x 14 or 15 x 15 Tribal Cross Table

Every soul has his personal gods and belief. There is no real unbeliever.

And because of the Israel expulsion, deportation, diaspora and assimilation today every living soul can claim to have one or more genetic or spiritual Israel ancestor.

A 12 x 12 Tribal Cross Table could show that every tribe has persecuted the own and other’s believers by time and opportunity. I’m sure that we can fill every of these 144 fields with at least one example of severe tribulation, one tribe persecuting an other one.

Angels against Angels in heavens

Antijehovah against Eve and Adam

Gentiles against Gentiles

Gentiles against Enosh and Noah

Deluge: Jehovah against Gentiles

Babel: Gentiles against each other

Egypt enslaving other peoples

Gentiles against Jacobines

Jacobines against Gentiles

Jacobines against Jacobines

Jacobines against Christians

Jews against Romans

Roman Gentiles against Jews, Diaspora

Christians against Jacobines

Gentiles, Christians and Jacobines against Muslims

Muslims against Muslims

All four against them selves and each other

Gypsies and Indians against each other?

Incquisition: Catholics against Gentiles and Reformers

Reformation: Reformers against Catholics

Many Pogromes against Jews

1914 Great War or World War One: mainly Christians against Christians

1917 Russia Revolution: Communists against Christians and Gentiles

1933 National Socialists against Jehovahs Witnesses, Jews, Gypsies, Socialists, Communists, Sexual Unusual Unnatural or Different and Christians

Jacobines against NS

Many other persecutions world wide mean while!

State against state

Nation against nation

Parents against their children and children against their parents

Men against their wifes and vice versa

“Judgement Day”

World prostitution

World criminalisation

World addiction and enslavement: debts, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pharmacy

World revolution

World war and mass destruction: machine guns, submarine, broadcast, air and space, rockets, bombs, tanks, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons able to poison the whole earth and humanity and to destruct all bigger babylonia or sodom tower cities on earth!

All this because of Antijehovah’s and his followers greed for sole reign, sole government, self determination and sole heritage instead of sharing all our gifts and blessings like friendly brothers and sisters! If we would really calculate, rhere is enough of every thing to satisfy every one of us!

Let us hope that a bigger minority can survive the peak of tribulation at the downfall and end of our earthen states, try to prepare our states the best possible manner and rescue as many souls as possible!

Or Four 12 x 3 Tables

All 12 Tribes against the three Gentile Tribes

All 12 Tribes against the three Jacobine Tribes

All 12 Tribes against the three Christian Tribes

All 12 Tribes against the three Muslim Tribes

The Big Tribulation

at the climax before the end of all earthen rule of men over men.

Warning of Jesus and his Apostles

Antijehovahs Methods and Traps

Jeden gegen jeden aufhetzen.

Den menschen die liebe stehlen, um sie abhängig von unbefriedigenden surrogaten zu machen:

  • macht
  • reichtum
  • ruhm
  • vergnügen

The Dragon

Wild Beast


The Image of the Beast

The false Prophet