Is this Crime Scene Number Tübingen Top X?

Are there any witnesses? Knowing the suspected offenders is not the most important! But for all who are searching for there missing victims of death, treason or slave trade, it would be useful, where their missing friends are now, and when, where, why and how they died if happened so? The offenders cannot expect forgiving of their deeds, if they do not care for the bereaved! Taking response for the bereaved means at least, trying to inform them about the loss and possible destiny even if it might be in the heavens with King Jesus and his heavenly government and trying to substitute the now missing soul the best possible way by another soul. If you do not inform the bereaved, how shall he handle your uncomplete substitute properly? It would be very hard to even understand that soul, if you do not know how or what for you deserved him or her.

He must be informed some how to understand and being able, how to complete your imperfect substitute the best possible manner!

If you do not inform the bereaved you risk, thar they are looking at the wrong places and the suspecting the wrong souls and communities, what may be advantageous for you by first sight, but you risk to enlargen the damage and your guilt at last.

And if you compensate some one with a worthy and loveable other soul the chances are best, that this soul can forgive you. If you try to fob him off with useless, unworthy or even unholy donations, or even try to let him pay for your compensation you may hardly find forgiving, neither by our gods nor by our victims.

Greetings and a nice week, your Apostle Zsion Uwe.

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